Verify and validate social security numbers on-line or with our high-speed batch software. Verify ID of your customers. Comply with Patriot Act section 326 and enhance know your customer programs. Locate missing heirs and policyholders as well as update your mailing lists. Get more information about validating social security numbers, Patriot Act Compliance, ID Verification, Deceased SSN Processing, Fraud Audits and Social Security Number Software.

Social Security Number Validation for Networks

For Use by multiple persons simultaneously

Veris for networks has application software with all of the features of the interactive, one-at-a-time, Veris Social Security Number (SSN) Validation as well as the batch processing option's ability to validate thousands of social security numbers or death file processing in batch mode. Unlike the interactive and batch modes, which are single-user programs, the Veris network software is a multi-user program which may be administered on a single network server and used simultaneously by any number of people on computers connected to the network. The same ssn validation screening, deceased file processing and id validation, may be done SECURELY over the Internet through our server thus doing away with the need for software and updates. Some of the many applications for the network version are: finding and closing accounts of persons who have died yet are still receiving retirement or other benefits, (Deceased File Processing); detecting persons using wrong SSNs when opening credit card accounts (ID Verification and Patriot Act Compliance); identifying undocumented workers when processing personnel files of large employers; detecting incorrect social security tax and federal income tax withholding submissions.

The Veris network software is offered for Windows 95/98/2000,NT, XP, Linux, Solaris and Macintosh networks. Access for an unlimited number of simultaneous users is also available over the Internet through our secure server either by browser access or xml interface. As with all Veris services, Veris for Networks supports both 2 and 4 digit year representations.

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